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ToS For Commission Work

Updated as of 11-04-17

** PLEASE READ before commissioning me! **

These ToS cover personal commission work, NOT commercial work.

(If you have a request for commercial work, contact me! As prices/ToS differ from project to project.) :)

- Payments are made with PayPal (USD).

- The prices displayed are base prices; they are subject to change due to complexity or size of the piece. I will ALWAYS tell you ahead of time if the price will change. (Ex. intricately detailed clothing, multiple props.)

- Client will have the opportunity to make alterations of their commission in the sketch stage.

- Artist reserves the right to drop a commission at any time for personal reasons; a refund will be given accordingly.

- Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission if the Client is excessively/continuously rude, inappropriate, and/or demanding. No refund will be issued and they will be blacklisted.

- Artist will give commission updates as necessary- Client may also check in for updates/reminders.

- Artist WILL NOT do a piece that depicts illegal activities, sexually explicit material, explicit violence, or hateful imagery. If your subject is questionable, please ask first.

- Artist reserves the right to decline a commission for any reason.

- Commissions are done in order of who has paid first- please be patient.


- Unless otherwise negotiated, Artist maintains all rights to the artwork.

- Client maintains all rights to their characters.

- Client may use artwork for non-commercial, non-promotional uses.

- Client cannot alter the artwork itself.

- Client cannot resell or use the artwork in any commercial projects.

- Client will not claim the artwork as their own and/or remove the Artist’s signature/watermark.

- Artist can display commissioned work on any personal website or gallery and use it for promotional purposes.


- Please do not complain to me that you are poor. So am I.

- Please do not complain my prices are too high.

- Please do not say "____'s prices are lower and they're better!"

- Do not ask for free art.


What Will I Do? (A general overview)

- Basically anything but I specialize in:

- Animals

- Creatures/Monsters

- Anthro/furry/whatever you want to call it

What Won’t I Do?


- Elaborate backgrounds


This all looks intimidating but I am a very chill person, and I'm just covering any questions and issues!

* This is a very general ToS. If you have questions, concerns, inquiries, shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help! :D

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